We select only natural components, without synthetic or petrochemical ingredients for the preparation of our products.

As environmentally concerned, we use in priority, during our process, some recyclable or recycled materials, and we avoid the most possible all unnecessary packaging.

We limit, as possible as we can, all the intermediaries for being able to offer you the best prices and to reduce to a maximum our carbon balance.

Our reputation has been built all over the years thanks to a secret of an ancestral recipe, Les Grains , manufactured exclusively with herbal which bring you the natural solution to your constipation problems.

We have chosen to specialize in this "problem" that now affects one woman on two and one man on four, in order to offer you a range of three powerful supplements and prioritize a consistent quality. Our development in Europe, country after country, is the undeniable proof of the effectiveness of our "recipe".

The satisfaction of the consumers of our "Grains" has led us, upon their request, to complement our range with some formulas developed by us. But, in order to maintain our reputation for excellence, our catalog will remain "very confidential", and we will not give up to quality for increase the quantity.


   The BODYCAA Laboratories certify that all products have all been
   the subject of a statement of a putting up for sale in the European
   Union, and that the laboratories, where they are prepared, are all
   within the European Union.